“A positive attitude toward mathematics and a strong foundation for mathematics learning begin in early childhood.”

National Association for the Education of Young Children & National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Joint Position Statement



The purpose of this blog site is to inspire parents, caregivers and educators of preschool children to intentionally teach math using natural materials.

Nature's "loose parts" found in backyards, playgrounds and parks surrounding our homes and schools are easy to acquire and perfectly suited for math teaching and learning.

I invite readers to explore the resources and see for yourselves, how you can playfully teach preschool math.



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Nature Education and Loose Parts. 

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Teach math using natural materials.

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Many of the blog posts were inspired by the “Big Ideas of Early Math” developed by Erikson Institute’s Early Math Collaborative. These posts begin with a “Big Idea,” followed by a Playful Invitation created by the blogger. Explore and be inspired by their incredible resource, please visit

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